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From My Heart to Yours

Find Your Purpose

Knowing your purpose is essential to living a full life. In this free guide I have laid out my simple 3 step process to identitying your purpose!

Heart Centered Goals Guide

Are your goals heart-centered? Do you know what heart-centered goals are? Grab this free guide and learn to set and complete your goals in a manner that aligns with your heart.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Leader

John Maxwell states the time to learn how to lead is before you are given the position of leadership! I agree! In this free guide you will find the things I wish I had known before my first round of leadership!

10 Steps to Protect Yourself From Burnout

Burnout is very real and I believe more prevelant than ever! In 2019, I was in the middle of burnout and wasn't even aware of it. In this free guide you will find tips taken from women across 3 generations on how to avoid and/or move out of burnout!

Confidence Affirmations

I consider myself a fairly confident woman...but even I need a little pick me up from time to time. In this free guide you will find 14 affirmations to do just that...pick you up when you need it. I would even dare say to use a couple of these daily!